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Breaking the Monotony - Mountain Trail

In my last job, one of my duties was to organize corporate offsite events, whether they were team-building exercises, or just office get-togethers. After asking around, Mountain Trail came highly recommended so I organized our first team outing there. Before I had formally booked our outing, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of the Resort - Mr. Mayank Gupta, who seemed extremely professional, and assured me that whatever I was looking for would be taken care of.
Our company did not have a traditional team structure, and some teams consisted of people from different from different qualification backgrounds. The downside to this was that the people in these teams didn’t get along and this affected their end result. To be frank, this was the reason for this outing.

True to Mr. Gupta’s word, we were extremely well taken care of. The service was great, their team was well-trained, and, of course, the place was beautiful. The food at Rosefinch Restaurant was amazing! From Indian to Continental, Veg to Non-veg, every dish was superb!
Needless to say, the people who, a few days back wouldn’t get along, were great colleagues from then on.

It was around a year after this event that I got a better offer from another place of work. Seeing as how one of my former duties was the above, I was asked by my superior if I could do this here as well. Without having to put too much effort, I thought why not do it at Mountain Trail again? The place was beautiful and familiar, the food and service were great, and the activities would be familiar to me as well.

Well, they managed to prove me wrong on the last point. Yes, we had an amazing time, and yes, nothing was lacking in any way, but it was a completely different experience. The activities, and the way we went around them, were completely different. It was like I was visiting for the first time!
After we got back to Delhi, I made it a point to call Mr. Gupta again, and casually enquired about this. His answer was amazing.

He explained (and I of course agreed) that every corporate team and every organization is different. The point is, he said, that the same exercise, the same methodology, won’t always necessarily work for everyone. It was like improving coordination between a troop of monkeys by having them climb trees, and, seeing the success, expecting the same method to work for a herd of deer.
I then realized the what made Mountain Trail Resort's corporate services stand out: custom, bespoke experiences for every different type of team, guaranteeing a unique experience every time!


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